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Order by Sunday afternoon for Tuesday delivery 

Dinners Delivered July 27th 

subject to %9 tax

Gluten free # Dairy free* 

#Chicken piccata:  Lemmon butter capper sauce, brown rice and mixed local veg
$10 for a single 
$17 for 2
$25 for 4 

Baked stuffed haddock: Ritz butter topping, rice and asparagus     
$15 for a single 
$20 for 2
$30 for 4

#Sliced pork loin: Mustard cream sauce, mashed potato, and green beans 
$10 for a single
$17 for 2
$25 for 4 

Black bean and rice wraps: Cheddar cheese and tacco sauce, served with grilled broccoli and tomato
$10 for a single
$17 for 2
$25 for 4


#*tomato basil soup  $6.50 pint  $8.50 quart


Whoopie pie  $3.00

Mac and cheese: $3.00 each 
Caesar salad with steak tips $10


Special Events click the "Catering Ideas" tab 

Not only do we deliver oven ready meals weekly, but we can also take care of every thing from a small business lunch to full service weddings.

Advice is free! 

             NORTHEAST BBQ

   Served with steak fries and pickle

Pulled Pork Sandwich topped with coleslaw on a bulky             


BBQ Brisket Sandwich, cheddar cheese on house bread                     


Pulled Pork Grilled cheese on house bread with cheddar              


BBQ chicken salad on a bulky with lettuce and  tomato             


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Northeast Specialties

with home fries and cheddar cheese 


Breakfast quesadilla: onions, peppers and tomato, 2 eggs scrambled  


Fork Sandwich: 2 Eggs Over-Easy with American Cheese                 


Breakfast BLT: Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and one Egg                    


Breakfast Burrito: eggs, Tomato, Onions, Peppers, Cheddar        


Hash mash: 1 over easy egg, american cheese on a bagel              


Monte cristo: Ham, turkey and Swiss sandwich on our french toast   


Brisket on a biscuit:1 egg     


Dine in or take out