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  It's hard to believe that we have had this delivery going for 10 years now. It has finally run its course. 

  Without your support the cafe would not have made it through the shutdown. To put it simply we have been chasing inflation for six months now and cannot get ahead. This service has a lot of moving parts each one with its own challenges, and together are no longer viable. It has taken me weeks to come to this decision. I am in disbelief that a ten-year service has slowly been squeezed out. I am sorry to all of you who count on us, or even just enjoy a break from the kitchen every now and then. Thank you, all of you! Over 20 households have been ordering every week or many many years, that is amazing!
For those fans of the Cafe here in New Boston, worry not! Breakfast and lunch are going strong! 

From the Northeast Cafe to you,
A heartfelt and reluctant farewell.

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Not only do we deliver oven ready meals weekly, but we can also take care of every thing from a small business lunch to full service weddings.

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             NORTHEAST BBQ

   Served with steak fries and pickle

Pulled Pork Sandwich topped with coleslaw on a bulky             


BBQ Brisket Sandwich, cheddar cheese on house bread                     


Pulled Pork Grilled cheese on house bread with cheddar              


BBQ chicken salad on a bulky with lettuce and  tomato             


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Northeast Specialties

with home fries and cheddar cheese 


Breakfast quesadilla: onions, peppers and tomato, 2 eggs scrambled  


Fork Sandwich: 2 Eggs Over-Easy with American Cheese                 


Breakfast BLT: Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and one Egg                    


Breakfast Burrito: eggs, Tomato, Onions, Peppers, Cheddar        


Hash mash: 1 over easy egg, american cheese on a bagel              


Monte cristo: Ham, turkey and Swiss sandwich on our french toast   


Brisket on a biscuit:1 egg     


Dine in or take out